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How it Works


  1. Choose the program most suitable to you (Man/Woman).

  2. Go to "OUR PROGRAMS" and select which option is best for you.  I recommend the Full Program. This includes the Nutrition and Exercise programs all in one.  You can either do monthly or save even more by purchasing the full year program. It's a great way to stay committed to the program. 

  3. Once you’ve selected and purchased which program is best for you, you will receive an email that will ask you key questions about yourself so I can get to know you. 

  4. After you fill out the questionnaires I will look over your information and will contact you personally. I look forward to this part the most; meeting my newest client!

  5. Every day, starting the following Monday, you will receive an email from Procoach. Here, you will be given daily information, the daily habit we are working on as well as a Daily Workout.


Choose your nutritional program to learn more

Nutrition Program


Nutrition Program

Not sure if this is for you? No problem. Click the orientation that works for you just above, and scroll to the bottom of that page.  A few easy steps, and I will send you a Starter Kit! FREE